Research & Literacy Program For Students

Our research and data literacy program for students is simply designed to provide support to students in their quest to learn the skills of conducting basic research and analyzing data. We are guided by the belief that the research and data literacy journey requires a fundamental understanding of what research is, the key steps in the research process, using information to draw valid conclusions, what data is and is not, how to collect and make sense of data, etc. Through our clinics, learning institutes, and tutoring service offered face to face or using online technology we hope to help the students described below in very specific ways.

  • High School Students. We believe that it is never too early to develop and acquire research and data literacy skills. Therefore, through our bridge programs we hope to introduce students at the high school level to the basic skills of research and data literacy.
  • Undergraduate students. At the undergraduate level, especially in the social sciences, students begin to get an introduction to research through basic courses like research methods and data analysis. Our program targeted at undergraduate students aims to do three things – a) provide students with a foundation prior to beginning the course; b) provide students with support while enrolled in the course; and c) provide students with support while working on final year projects.
  • Graduate students. At the graduate level, research methods and data analysis takes on a different level of intensity. Sometimes there is a break between the undergraduate years and the beginning of graduate students. Our program targeted at graduate students aims to do the following – a) provide a refresher before the beginning of graduate studies; b) provide support while enrolled in the course; and c) provide support while working on thesis and dissertation projects.
  • Faculty. Faculty is critical to the success of the learning journey of students especially in a subject area like research and data literacy where the learning challenges can be quite daunting for students. Our faculty program is designed to bring faculty together to do two things – a) share successful models of teaching research methods and data analysis; b) develop and commit to a set of best practices for teaching research methods and data analysis.