Research Methods Made Easy is a 501(c)(3 ) nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching data analysis methodologies to students, faculty, and other working professionals all over the USA. We are here to help you obtain the skills you need to do better in your courses and your career.

We teach you how to conduct applied research, collect data and use appropriate methodologies and software.

Finish your capstone projects or level-up your research skills with our mentoring programs. We can help you earn your dream job or promotion!


Online Tutoring  |  Digital Workshops  |  Web-Based Courses

Online Tutoring

As a student, you’ve likely had, or will soon get, an introduction to research gathering and the various data methodologies for implementing that research. However, these lessons often come in the form of paper assignments rather than independent classes. We offer to improve upon those basic lessons through advanced tutoring and support through customized tutoring.

  • College-Prep Foundational Skills - We can provide you with a solid foundation in data analytics and how to conduct research - giving you a head start for when classes begin.
  • Degree-Focused Tutoring - We offer focused support and further education based on your specific course needs.
  • Undergrad and Doctoral Research Support - We offer advanced support surrounding research methods and data education for use in your capstone, thesis, and dissertation.

Digital Workshops

Data methodologies and research skills are utilized across all levels and industries. However, it could have been some time since you studied these topics. Research Methods Made Easy offers live digital workshops to refresh your research skills and teach you the latest tools and technologies.

  • Research Methodology Refreshers - Walk through a refresher in research and data usage before starting a new job, course, or teaching position.
  • Data Analytics Training - Learn from the bottom up how to use data analysis and the various research methodologies so that you can pursue further studies or seek a promotion with confidence.
  • Education Research Seminars - Learn the best methods for conducting applied research, collecting and using data, and analyzing data in preparation for your final project.

Web-based Courses

Learn about data analytics, research methodologies, and data gathering through online, short, and self-paced courses. Our courses share successful models for teaching research methods and data analysis making them perfect for students, teachers, or other working professionals.

  • Research Methodology for Teachers - Develop and commit to a set of best practices for teaching research methods and data analysis within your classroom.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics Training - Obtain training on the latest models, tools, and programs for conducting research and data analysis.

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